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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pam:now at eight two murders in less than a month. we ask berkeley police how they will respond to a spike in violent crime. whoosh crowds in charlotte north carolina facing a curfew and the national guard. a fourth night of protests as the family of a man killed by police releases this video nat shots did you shoot him? whoosh excuse me a first look tonight at one of the oakland police officers charged with engaging in charged withhoosh ing in har back you're watching kron four news in fourth nig in undreds of demonstrators
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>> reporter: so far there have been 17 shootings to have been deadly please tell me most of them involve young people. on of a more quiet cities but crimes on the rise in berkeley now they say they will be out in force trying to keep it from getting worse. last night 19 year-old francis jr. was shot and killed when police say somebody opened fire to a crowd your fairview and harbour authorities think that the shooting as a result between views of two groups. residents the talks to agree. respect >>: is hard to define
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people to find in many different ways or r are so many things second chigger somebody in anger. >> reporter: looking to see if this was a link between 22 year- old alice goodwin jr. they hope more cops on the streets will curb some of that violence. the tumble homicides from this year are under active investigation coming up we hear from the berkeley mayor about what the city is doing about this violence. >> pam:so far the protests. have been. our justine waldman live now in the kron 4 newsroom with details
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on what is happening on streets of charlotte tonight. >> reporter:peaceful night of marching. >>:let's go to the live pictures. hundreds out on the streets. holding posters with keith scott's name and picture on it.
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win" "what do we want justice." protestors want police to the shooting. the family has seen it and wants it released. the mayor wants it released. saying it should be out in the name of transparency. but admits the video is inconclusive. on if scott is holding a gun or a book. but the police chief, refusing saying " it's not that i want to hide anything. it's that i want to be more thoughtful and deliberate in delivering the whole story. " the protestors being watched by national guard members posted in front of many downtown buildings. curfew does take place at midnight. three previous nights of protests included two that were chaotic. but thursday, people marched through downtown in a largely peaceful protest. tonight. we have also learned hillary clinton will not visit charlotte on sunday. the mayor asked her to wait, saying police resources were too thin. clinton respecting that wish. and now planning a visit for next weekend. donald trump said he would go after the debate on monday. at 8:30.
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here on kron 4 news. >> steve:tonight we have our first images of the police shooting that sparked the protests. it was taken by the wife of keith scott as officers confronted him outside their home on thursday. it's shaky, and we should warn you it is graphic at times. but it does not end the debate over whether keith scott was carrying a gun. he didn't do anything. drop the gun. drop the gun. he doesn't have a gun. he has a t.b.i.. drop the gun. he is not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. scott's wife tries to tell police her husband suffers from a traumatic brain injury as they surround his white pickup truck. : keith, don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. :drop the gun. keith! don't you do it.
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: drop the gun. keith, get out the car. keith! keith! don't you do it! don't you do it! keith! : drop the gun. keith! keith! keith! don't you do it! the video shows him getting out of the car and then: shots fuck. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be fucking dead.he better not be fucking dead. i know that fucking much. i know that much. he better not be dead. i'm not going to come near you. i'm going to record, though. i'm not coming near you. i'm going to record, though. what we do not see in these images is a gun. it's impossible to tell if scott has one in his hand. but there is no sign of the apparent weapon visible in this photograph, taken at the scene later. charlotte police say a handgun was recovered at the scene, reportedly with scott's blood and d=n=a on it. police let scott's family see their videos yesterday. you can see what appears to be some type of object in his hand but he never raises it at any point. scott's mother says the book was actually the quran. she says he read it every day while waiting for his son. "that's what he was reading.
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because he loved to read that book." as the debate rages as to whether or not the charlotte police chief should release body and dash camera video to the public. >> grant:the clock it ticking on a new law would make it substantially more complicated to make any police footage public. in one week.come october first.a new north carolina law goes into effect that would require police chiefs and sheriffs to petiton a judge. law enforcement would effectively lose all power in deciding what's released.the body and dash cam footage will be considered personal.rather than public.which is currently the case. republican governor pat mc- crory, who's been widely criticized for north carolina's new bathroom law.supports the new police video law. some chiefs of police in north
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carolina oppose the new law.incidating it will make it harder for them to prove their officers' use of force was justified. in response to the police shooting. tomorrow night a march is planned in oakland. it will start at seven p.m. at frank ogawa plaza. today. one of the oakland police officers facing charges in the police sex scandal. made his first appearance in court. officer brian bunton is charged with a felony for his alleged involvement with jasmine abusline.formerly known as celeste guap. kron4's haaziq madyun was in court when the officer faced a judge. >>:"is he prepared to enter a plea?" "yes your honor at this time we will enter pleas of not guilty" oakland police officer brian bunton made his first court appearance friday here at the alameda county superior court house in hayward. he pled not guilty to the following charges: felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor engaging in an act of prostitution >>:"you understand you have a right.?" "yes your honor" >> reporter:brian bunton's attorney says his client is a 40-year-old husband and father who has been an oakland police officer for less than two years. he is alleged to have sent text messages warning jasmine abuslin about oakland police prostitution sting operations "officer bunton did cooperate, he gave a full statement, in that statement he expressed remorse and took responsibility for some of the actions and we believe the facts are going to support some of those statements that he made"
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bunton is the first of 5- officers charged by the alameda county d.a. to make a court appearance. his bail was set $12,500 dollars. he has until monday to pay or surrender himself to the santa rita jail. bunton's pretrial hearing has been is scheduled for october 21st. in hayward haaziq madyun kron4news
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in richmond --- more than half a dozen officers disciplined in the same- sex scandal. the police department's office of professional accountability is recommending nine officers be disciplined for their role in the scandal. that discipline includes firing one officer, demoting one, suspending two. and reprimanding five others. the city manager says, he is also looking into questions about the department's role in sending jasmine abuslin to florida. the nine officers can appeal the discipline. if they do, the police chief will hold a hearing. then the city manager will make a decision. but it too, can also be appealed. new tonight, the san francisco fire department is dealing with a pair of scandals. earlier this week it was revealed that a female fire fighter assigned to the departmen'ts chinatown station was sexualy harassed for months by her male co-workers and now we are learning that a paramedic with the department has been fired for having sex in an ambulance. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco with an update on both cases. >> reporter: we knew about the sexual harassment allegations over station to this afternoon we learned that a paramedic apparently has been terminated for having and that this is often the fire part and want to deal with.
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>> reporter:on friday afternoon, sources confirmed to kron 4 that a san francisco fire department paramedic has been terminated for allegedly having sex in an ambulance with a civilian. so far, the fire department has declined to elaborate on the incident. the news comes just days after it was revealed that a female firefighter assigned to the departments station 2 in chinatown endured months of sexual harassment by some of her male co-workers. after she complained to department leadership earlier this year, the city's human resources department launched an investigation into her allegations. in a letter obtained by kron 4, it's revealed that the department found that the cities policies prohibiting workplace harassment and retaliation were violated. sources have also told kron 4 that the victim in this case suffered a pattern of abuse. in one incident she describes finding urine in her bed at the station.
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in response, the department has decided to reassign all officers from station 2 who working there during the time of the alleged abuse. the letter concludes by saying that the department will not tolerate any future harassing or abuse of coworkers. the letter, which is addressed to an unnamed fire fighter, warns that you are expected to uphold all the city's and deparment's policies, rules and regulations a viewing was held tonight for bay area civic leader and activist, rose pak. >> pam: men attack them strip club who pleased looking for tonight. >> steve: and dry conditions a fire danger warnings read ahead of this warm weekends. >> pam: elite and a home invasion robbery we talk about their fire just as accurate faced as a judge. with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine.
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>> grant: no other information the suspect at least one police say hispanic man wearing gray clothing seen walking toward 15 from the cascades. no reports of other injuries and for people in burlington.
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>> reporter: whose case was continued until november when he is expected to enter formal plea and his accuser in the beating of 88 year-old douglas and mulholland station robbery at hiroshima 50 years on quid mott avenue relatives of miss float demanded justice.
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>>: instigation is still ongoing new information being revealed every day. the deputies to the santa clara scheherazades' are working as quickly as they can follow up with leads.
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>> pam: a heat advisory at o'clock morning sunday fire officials cause of the wind fire danger is already increased. dry conditions make it a crime fire weather.
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>> reporter: and san francisco looking good mostly clear skies and then and at 72 and livermore 65 in san jose 61 now and breezy severance cisco. and
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off shore flow and then and the central ballet seven is a long coastline and high country plenty of sunshine. heated by israel on sunday we expect the hugo and the full gear and a triple digits. and temperatures moderated and not by much still 60's 70's even tomorrow some eighties and said the day at 90 as well in lens and the next couple of days we will see some very hot weather on sunday. tuesday wednesday things cool down and the weather gets much cooler well below the average
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>> steve: cruz says he isn't tending the vote for the republican candidate. in dramatically refused to support him now he's changed his him. >> pam: read america said clara as and is on. as area favor scare experience >> gabe: chromatic adding a new
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comes alive and physically messes with you did make the experience during the video. running now are greater america in santa clara.
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what he said was his motivation for the attack. plus. a woman flips the script on a trio of men who invade her home. the dramatic encounter caught on we are following breaking news out of charlotte tonight where people march for a fourth night.
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please >> steve: are looking for gunmen who shot paddleball. >> pam: 98 at charlotte carolina about first prices here on the active shooter. burlington >> grant: washington hour north of seattle for people confirmed dead. all the first responders ems now being escorted dissert attending to the injured unknown people injured after somebody started shooting inside the casket mollah short time ago where losing that picture but can tell you at the. used one suspects
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are searching for connected to this deadly mall shooting hour north of seattle and burlington and and we stay on top of this screen york based, news l-1011 always on kron 4 news at 10.
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police >> reporter: and he's got family over what led to his death a video of people refused the shootings saying and inconclusive what's in scotts hands putting the video out there will make things worse. a curfew though does start in about 30 minutes last night there was a curfew and they left " protesters continue on
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protesters again on the streets following the shooting of keith scott always be found and news that 10. >> pam: hotwomen in california will soon be able to make fewer trips to the pharmacy for birth control. governor brown signed into law. a bill allowing pharmacists to give out a 12- month supply at a time. and require insurance companies to cover it. that's up from the current three- month limit, health insurance associations oppose the law. saying, it could result in duplicate coverage and wasted medication. but supporters say, it will reduce skipped doses and help prevent unintended pregnancies >> steve: found this smack him
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on a truck in the congested 57 freeway it veered out of control in the carpool lane close to a motorcycle in the notice of the passenger can seem to be briefing. the driver told police he would now accept that he needs to sit in traffic just like everyone else fine for driving carries a fine of at least $481.
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>> reporter: alex like high pressure continues to build an overhead tomorrow afternoon that in the '70s and san francisco aids and oakland's 87 degrees in san jose get the idea. some very nice weather had and winds of moving on shore right note still pretty good reason to san francisco and in nevada the winds which direction the offshore that's what assess the stage and sunday monday. we pick up all labatt. couple patches of fog out for the beaches and nice
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clear in the valley given the afternoon sunny and bright those numbers as a result will starts to warm up a closer look now as we had to sanford's a stoat temperatures in the '70s dailies city as and then half a day 84 paul auto and popping up lot of eighties to be found further south to go all in the senate clara valley double digits since sunday and monday even in the north bay temperatures also on the hot site looks like '90s and toward said rosa well into the 80s everywhere you go and you get the idea of these numbers warming up better hurry, as we go into sunday and monday.
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>> steve: nearly as dramatic happened of fort claw george so
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the the. please >> grant: again for the ls suspects as part of this home invasion they say that this woman was defending the property in which she was currently staying she did not do anything wrong but she kept on shooting one person dead looking for the other suspects all carrying guns in this scary home invasion.
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>> steve: jervis the felony charge of the more charges could be added.
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>> steve: of them breaking news in washington right now washington state you can see a huge response are emergency medical personnel and police after shooter in the mall clears the lives of at least four people. the unit they only come back right here friday night.
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>> grant: all the alleged shooter according to kay inro in seattle called police said the on the phone with them right now he's caught partner crisis negotiators we do know of that four people confirmed dead on the rights lawyer screen allied aerial view and burlington washington an hour north of seattle a still image in our newsrooms showing the bases in the cascade molpus sugar shooters they just got finished going through the mall and
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declared it safe enough for cms and ago when to treat the wounded on clear of a motive we don't officer read a mass shooting now has said anything about a potential link to tear the we do know to laugh the shooter was scrapped by a state police public information officer hispanic man angry close headed at a stiff fight on foot left before police got there at this point again for people dead and unknown formula . the yen weak data follow developments there is still a sugar is now riposted.
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>> pam: he hung up the phone at 325 in the morning and two hours later five in the morning they entered the nightclub five minutes later they breached the restroom walls or the team barrett kidded and the egg king outshooting the team killed him. >> steve:
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>> gary: search for a link in the fourth inning and they beat 10 to five and a half-game up and the race. they and helps to the giants today in the company
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took a part of the st. louis cardinals sunday seven innings of his 10 strikeouts in 5 nothing cubs cardinals trailed the giants to buy up 5 1/2. it's a closing business you find out. at the very least this loss even if they lose tonight leg up in the wild-card race.
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and that's the opinion we assay over it over get how you feel as how you feel. gilsonite and they went to art i a that their team. >> gary: one is different i understand when you're paying a hundred dollars plus to go to a game yet able to cut do what everyone. unnecessarily a
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ripper. i've read entertainments to me and if you get wrapped up so be it. wait until they're out of it then jump.
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>>alecia: you ever get tired of your husband's talking? >> gary: i do not. he is all right with me.
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>> pam: we continue to lead to the breaking news in washington state for people are dead following a shooting at a mall complete wrap up a call today is big stories tonight at send ollie on the bay area news station.
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